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May 15, 1936, Placer Hotel, Helena – With representatives from 42 Montana counties, hunters, anglers, landowners, business owners, local rod and gun club members, and legislators gathered to organize Montana’s first statewide organization of hunters and anglers for conservation. The meeting was monumental in the scope of Montana’s wildlife conservation history, people coming together to collectively work for wildlife restoration and management.

It was the birth of Montana Wildlife Federation.

Vinnie Yannone

75 Years Young

“Out of the environmental dust and economic despair that characterized the Montana of the “Dirty 30s’ a federation of hope was born.”

  • James Posewitz—

The American people in the early 1900s realized that it was time to set a new direction for the future of wildlife. Progressive hunters, anglers, landowners, politicians and businesses worked together to enact visionary, momentous Acts and efforts across the Nation that today continue to ensure wildlife and hunting and fishing opportunities.

 It’s doubtful that the loosely knit statewide assemblage of grassroots doers that worked together in 1935, the Montana Wildlife Conservation Association could have imagined that the alliance would be continuing its work 75 years later. In May 1936, this group including many new concerns met in Helena and formally became Montana Wildlife Federation, the 2008 Annuallargest statewide advocacy organization of conservation minded people who share a mission to protect and enhance Montana’s public wildlife, lands, waters, and fair chase hunting and fishing heritage.

 A reflection by the “conservation president,” a conservation pioneer that promoted the “public trust”, Theodore Roosevelt perhaps describes the work by MWF best,  “Our aim is to preserve our natural resources for the public as a whole, for the average man and the average woman who make up the body of the American people.”

 On April 17, 2010, MWF will launch its 75th year as Montana wildlife conservation, hunting and fishing leaders that have contributed so much to Montana gather together at MWF’s Annual Meeting in Helena.

Gov and Ethics Card These people have been instrumental in establishing and shaping management strategies, influencing Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission directions, and a lengthy list of state policies related to our wildlife and habitat legacy and our hunting and angling heritage. During its 75 year history, MWF members have passionately volunteered tens of thousands of hours to ensure Montana’s fish, wildlife, and hunting and fishing future.

 The event this year will be bigger than ever and include the traditional and prestigious statewide Conservation Awards program and luncheon, special dignitaries’, a public forum on the most challenge issues facing Montana wildlife, hunting and fishing, youth education displays and activities, and a fun-filled Saturday evening Banquet.

 As a very special celebration, MWF has secured several ‘commemorative’ items including a Sweetgrass fly rod, special hats, a Bison bronze, a Winston fly rod, a rifle, and much more – we are hoping to have a very special and unique firearm that will draw a lot of attention to the live auction. Several notable Montana wildlife artists that have not contributed to MWF in the past have agreed to make this a very special event with high caliber wildlife pieces.  Both live and silent auctions will be filled with outdoor sporting equipment, getaways, clothing, art, books, and many more items attractive to everyone. Steve and Bryan

 MWF is building the event as something very special and we enthusiastically invite all members, past leaders and their families. However, we continue to ask for your help in providing some contact information for a few of our past leaders that have fallen off of our database.

 Internet searches, going through phone books, and communications with local rod and gun clubs and wildlife groups has provided MWF with some contact information but we are still looking for a few key folks we would like to have in attendance. MWF is also seeking information about some members of local clubs that have contribute so much to Montana .

 If you know of anyone that has been engaged with MWF or their family members or members of a local club that have influenced Montana’s wildlife and landscape conservation, we are hoping that you will contact us at: csharpe@mtwf.org, or mwf@mtwf.org or call (800) 517-7256, extension 102.

 Seating is limited so we encourage early reservations, bring some friends and get a special reduced rate by reserving a “Partnership Table”. 

Ravalli F&W Crime WatchApril 17, 2010

Great Northern Hotel

Helena, MT

Conservation Awards: Noon - 1:30

Public Forum: 10:00 - 4:30 with noon break

Social Hour: 5:00 - 6:00

Dinner & Auction: 6:00 - ??

For reservations or more information please call MWF at (800) 517-7256

Thank you for considering our request and for helping us to make MWF’s 75th  - a special celebration.



Craig Sharpe(csharpe@mtwf.org)
Executive Director Montana Wildlife Federation


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